Why do we still think of the NFL as a business?

When it comes to sports betting, the NFL is a business, and it is a great one.

The NFL has generated $5.4 billion in revenue since 2010 and the league will likely make even more money over the next three years.

As a result, the average sports bettor in the U.S. has a minimum net worth of $15 million, and the average net worth in sports bettors across the world is estimated at $15 billion.

So, why do we continue to call the NFL a business when we know the league is not?

In reality, the vast majority of sports betters in the United States and the world are still making their living as professional athletes, or their relatives and friends.

This is because the vast bulk of professional sports betting is conducted in places like Las Vegas, where the payout is much higher than anywhere else.

Las Vegas sports books are a small, but thriving industry.

There are at least five sportsbooks in Las Vegas right now that have an average net book bet of $50,000, which is the most popular sportsbook in the city.

And the odds on a single game can range from zero to 1 in five million.

In other words, a professional sports better in Las Vegas can expect to win more than a million dollars at his favorite NFL team.

Sports betting has long been a lucrative industry, and this trend has continued as the NFL has grown and as betting on NFL games has grown.

According to an analysis from BetOnline.com, the median net bet on the 2014 NFL season was $2,846, with an average bet of around $12,500.

The median net wagering average for the 2015 NFL season, meanwhile, was $1,868, with a bet size of $1.8 million.

For those not familiar with sports betting in general, here’s a quick primer.

Sports bettours are those who are betting on a particular game.

Most sports books and sportsbooks do not actually book their own games, they book them from the NFL and others.

So it’s up to the bettor to find a team that is the best bet on that particular game, but it’s not up to a bettor’s own team to make that call.

In the NFL, the teams that win the most games are usually the teams with the best records, but there are exceptions.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most successful NFL team in terms of winning the Super Bowl, but the team with the second-highest winning percentage in the NFL this year is the Carolina Panthers.

The Washington Redskins have won four Super Bowls in a row and were the last team to win the Super 16.

The Philadelphia Eagles have the most wins in the past decade, but only won four games this year.

The Cleveland Browns have won 10 of their past 12 games, and they’ve won their past six games against teams with winning records.

The Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFC East.

The New York Jets are the worst team in it, and their two wins against teams that are in the bottom five of the league are the least likely to lead to a winning record.

This means that when a betting house puts their money on a team to lose a game, they are placing a bet on a losing team, which in turn is placing a small bet on an even losing team.

In this sense, the sportsbook has a direct relationship with the NFL.

In order for the NFL to generate any profit, it must sell tickets to every game.

The league is required by law to sell $2.4 million worth of tickets each year to every NFL team, but betting sites like BetOnline are allowed to do this with the help of technology that allows them to monitor and predict the outcomes of each game.

When the NFL opens up the season, the league releases the most expensive ticket package available to fans in order to give them the best odds on the game they are most likely to win.

The average net wager for the first game is $6,700.

For every other game, the bettor is left with the opportunity to bet on either the losing or winning team.

If the betting house has a winning team in their line up, it will pay out an additional $2 million.

This bet is known as the “win-win” ticket bet, because it pays off when the winning team wins, which means it is less expensive than the losing team paying out a loss.

If, however, the winning ticket bet pays off only when the losing ticket bet does, then the betting office is in trouble.

The best bet for a betting owner is to place a losing ticket or two.

This can happen because the winning bet pays for the cost of the losing bet.

This situation can happen if the winning betting house is using technology that can predict the outcome of each contest, or they are using advanced technology that is able to predict when the team

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