When is the best bet for Betfair’s beta storm?

Bets near you?

It may not be the best time to bet on Betfair.

The company announced on Monday that it was ending its beta-testing program for its “beta-driven trading platform,” a move that was criticized by investors.

Betfair, a company that allows users to bet with cash on sports and other events, announced it was shutting down beta testing in July.

BetFair had been testing the platform since late 2016, and it was reportedly the first of its kind in the industry.

The beta was a tool for Betas that would allow users to create a personalized bet based on their personal preferences, like how often they would play a particular sport, what sports they watch and more.

Betwise, a website that offers users betting odds on sports, had a beta for three years before it shut down in early 2017.

The site, which was also known as Betsafe, offered users a more customized Betfair experience.

Betting was also one of the main features of the company’s Betfair mobile app.

The app allows users, who are not Betfair employees, to create, manage and view bets.

BetOnline, the online betting platform for bettors, also had a Beta feature.

But Betfair and Betwise were the only companies to offer beta testing for the platform.

Betbet, a Betfair affiliate, also announced it would be ending beta testing of Betfair for the app.

However, Betbet and Betfair were among the most popular beta testers of the platform, according to Betfair executives.

The decision comes amid ongoing controversy in sports betting.

Betfred, a sportsbook, filed for bankruptcy protection in December and announced it had pulled out of beta testing Betfair because of the ongoing controversy.

BetBet CEO Michael Whelan told ESPN.com Betfred’s decision was made “because of the continuing and ongoing problems and problems of Betwise and Betbet,” according to a statement from Betfred.

Betwin, another Betfair-owned company, also closed beta testing after Betfair CEO David Wainright said Betwin “had no intention of continuing to provide beta testing, and we would be very disappointed if it was the last Betwix Beta.”

Betwin said BetwIX is in its second year of beta-tested Betfair users.

BetwX, Betfair’ first beta-traded platform, was shut down last month.

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