The Betting Room of the Future: ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘The Bachelor’ star Bethenny Frankel says she’s ‘not ashamed to admit that I’m gay’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have announced his sexuality in November, but Bethensey “The Real Housewife” Frankel is still not ashamed to be gay.

The “Bachelor” star, whose family is from Jamaica, told Entertainment Weekly she was surprised by the “unwelcome” attention her appearance in the “Dirty Dance” and “The Bachelor” episodes has received.

“It’s like, wow, I’m not ashamed of being gay, but that’s what people are saying about me.

I am a lesbian.

I’ve always been a lesbian, I’ve been a bisexual person.

It’s not an issue.

I’m comfortable with who I am and what I am.

I can stand on my own,” Frankel said.

“I’ve been around a lot of gay people who are gay, and they’re very open about it.

They’re like, ‘Wow, you are gay.’

I’ve met a lot who are very openly gay.

I don’t have to hide behind any of that.”

Frankel’s husband, Scott, has openly described his own sexuality.

“Dwayne is gay.

Scott is gay,” he told Entertainment Tonight in March.

“He has a long history of being a gay man.

He’s a real straight man, a gay person.

I think we are a lot more open about being ourselves now than we were before.

We just don’t hide that, I think.”

The RHONY star was not at the premiere of “The Betting House,” which was aired last month on the Bravo network, but was in attendance.

“We’re all just happy that Dwayne and Scott have both said they’re a little bit proud of themselves, that they have come out publicly and that they’re proud to be who they are,” said Frankel.

“So I think it’s going to be a great week to be there and just having that experience with them, being a part of that experience, being with them and having the chance to have a little laugh, to have the chance for a little fun, I guess.”

The “Dance” and the “Bachelorette” stars were married in 2009.

Their first kiss was filmed in the summer of 2015.

“My husband and I had to wear different costumes, because we were in the same room,” Franckls daughter, Bethenys, told “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday.

“When we were getting ready to get ready to go to bed, Dwayne was like, don’t wear this and don’t be like that.

And then when we got to the room, he was like ‘do you know what’s wrong with you?’

And then we went to my dad and told him and then he was going to have to change into a suit, and then the whole thing was like five years of wearing different outfits, just trying to stay on top of it.”

When asked if she would be willing to do the same for her parents, Frankel told ABC News, “Absolutely.”

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