When will it be over? Beto Cuevas, a Colombian man who’s been arrested for threatening President Beto Cenas, dies at 81

Colombian President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the death of Beto, a 37-year-old drug trafficker and drug lord who’s accused of threatening the president.

He died Tuesday morning at age 81.

Duterte announced the announcement during a ceremony in Davao City.

“Beto is dead,” Duterte said, adding that his death is a “big shock to us.”

“We are in a state of shock,” Duterte told reporters in the city.

Duterte also said the suspect will receive the death penalty.

“I am announcing today that the death sentence has been imposed for Beto,” he said.

Duterte said the case against the suspect was ongoing.

The former governor of the state of Sinaloa was sentenced to life in prison last month for allegedly ordering the murder of two police officers during a raid of a cocaine factory.

He was also charged with a second drug crime in connection with the shooting of another police officer who was guarding the factory.

The president has accused him of ordering the killings.

The death sentence is not the first time Duterte has threatened to kill the president, though he did so during the campaign.

In May, Duterte vowed to “kill him” if he were to be elected president.

On Tuesday, the president said that he would consider the death penalties for drug traffickers “very strict.”

“I think it’s very important to make sure that the rule of law is followed,” Duterte, who was a rising star of the country’s leftwing populist opposition, said at the time.

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