Is this a ‘beta’ for the new iOS 10?

If you thought iOS 10 was a beta, wait till you see what’s coming to the iOS 10 beta.

Today Apple released a video that shows off a new iOS update that will allow users to test the new beta version of iOS 10, dubbed “iOS 10 Public Beta” (PDF).

The video opens with a picture of a glowing iPhone screen, showing an Apple logo with a red background and a countdown that looks like it’s counting down from 100.

As the countdown approaches, a small icon with the word “Beta” above it appears, and a few seconds later, the countdown starts again.

Apple notes that the update will be available to iOS 10 users on a public beta basis.

This means that users will be able to test it on their device for the first time.

Apple says that users who download the iOS10 Public Beta update will get the beta update “for a limited time” after the release of iOS 11.

This update is a relatively small release that does not include the major iOS 10 changes like the ability to use Siri and other features.

Instead, Apple says the beta version will include a few new features that users can take advantage of, including a new feature called “Predictive Timeline” that allows users to set the date of a notification for a specific person, for example.

The feature lets users know when a message will be sent and when it will arrive on the device, but it’s not yet available to everyone.

Users will be prompted to download the beta app after they install the update.

Users will be given an option to download it on a specific device, or on a computer.

The video also shows that a version of the iOS update will come with support for a new language called “English.”

Apple says that this update is available on a “fixed download” basis, so if you need to upgrade to iOS 11 or the next version of your device, you will need to download a separate update.

Apple’s iOS 10 update is not the only new feature in iOS 10 that users are getting.

iOS 10 also includes a few bug fixes and performance improvements, including the ability for apps to now display the time on their lockscreen.

Apple has also added a new app called Siri, which will be integrated into the new app launcher, making it easier for users to quickly access Siri from their lock screen.

Siri will also be integrated with the new Messages app, which lets users send and receive texts from the lock screen and is one of the biggest features of iOS 12.iOS 10 is set to release to the public this fall.

Apple is offering users who pre-ordered the iOS beta the opportunity to take advantage by signing up for the beta.

Apple says it will “release a free iOS 10 Public beta for those who have not yet pre-purchased iOS 10.”

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