How Kentucky Derby betting is taking off

KENTUCKY DRIVER BETTING LINKS TO KENTUALS DRIVE THE BALL VIDEO Kentucky Derby racing fans are betting on their favorite teams in the Derby to win the Kentucky Derby.

Here’s what they’re betting. 

 Kentucky Derby betting site has seen a steady increase in betting on the Derby in the last few days. 

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in betting,” Bettormade’s managing director, Jeffrey DeSantis, told the Daily Telegraph. 

It’s hard to quantify the exact number of bets made, but the site says it’s seen bets on every race including the Kentucky Grand Prix, the Kentucky State Championship and the Kentucky Cup. 

Bets can be made on races as short as two minutes to two hours in length. 

Betting is not new for Kentucky Derby fans, but said that the interest in the betting site has been growing rapidly. 

One of the more popular sites for Kentucky drivers is 

The site, which has a $1,000 limit, has seen more than $2.4m in bets in the first three weeks of 2018. 

Kentuckians are betting their favorite races and their teams to win their races. 

Last month, Betty Meehan, the woman behind, said her site is one of the fastest growing betting sites in the country. She said: “Kentucky is the birthplace of horse racing.

The Kentucky Derby has been the home of racing since 1889, so it’s a perfect time to start betting on Kentucky Derby races.”

I’m seeing bets going on the Kentucky derby every week.” 

The Kentucky Derby is expected to be one of a number of events in 2018 that will see the number of spectators increase. 

This year, there will be more than 2,000 people at the Kentucky Races. 

In a bid to attract more Kentucky Derby bettors, Kentucky Derby officials have added more events this year to attract additional fans. 

A new Kentucky Derby event is expected on Sunday, December 8, and there are plans for more events in the coming weeks. Read more about horse racing from the Daily Telegraph here

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