VP: We’ve found a way to use beta hydroXYbutyrates to treat cancer

VP: When you think about the cancer cures that are on the horizon, you really think about these new, novel, new cancer drugs.

VP: But how are you going to actually find those compounds in the body and treat those patients, when you don’t know which molecules are in the bloodstream and which are going to be in your bloodstream?

And the new way we’re trying to find them is using beta hydroY, and you can find beta hydroy in food and in your blood.

So that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

VP and Jodi Chaney: This is a very exciting development, which I think is important because it shows that you can make use of beta hydro hydroxy butyrate in a number of different ways.

It’s one of the first new therapeutic targets that have been identified in human clinical trials, which means that we can now use it to treat tumors.

But beta hydroYP is also very important because if we don’t have this target in the human body, we can’t make it to our clinical trials.

VP, Jodi: The other thing that we talked about earlier, and it’s going to blow your mind, is that the beta hydroys also are a really, really, very important component of the natural vitamin-enriched diet.

VP says the new diet will provide all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that we need for our bodies to function optimally.

VP also says that the diet will give you all of these benefits in a very natural way, but you can’t take all of them at once.

So the diet is designed to provide a mixture of vitamins and minerals that are present in nature.

VP explains that a lot of the food we eat comes from animals and we eat animals that are fed a lot more meat than we’re used to.

VP mentions that this natural diet is very different than the natural diet that we consume.

VP has been working on this new diet for almost a decade.

It has many of the ingredients that you might see in a traditional diet, and then adds a lot to it.

VP notes that the new dietary approach will be a lot like the Paleo diet.

A lot of it is plant based.

You’ll have a lot less refined sugars.

You’re going get some of the nutrients that you need to thrive in the wild.

And that’s one thing that you don of heard a lot about with the Paleo diets.

VP describes the new natural diet as a very rich source of nutrients.

VP is also working on developing the beta-hydroxybutyrite-enzyme-enhanced (BIBIE) diet, which is a much more refined, refined, and highly processed diet.

The BIBIE diet has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and increase energy levels.

It is a diet that is extremely high in fat, and VP says that there are a number that have similar benefits to the BIBI diet.

They are both very refined foods, and they both have high levels of carbs.

And the downside is that you’re not going to get the same kind of nutrients that are in a regular diet, because you’re getting this high-fat, high-carb diet.

You might get more vitamins and nutrients than you would with a normal diet.

So if you’re on a diet like the BIBS diet, you might get a little bit of vitamin C and potassium, but the carbs you’re going through are not going be what you’d get with a regular food.

VP continues by saying that there is some benefit to the diet in terms of weight loss.

You know, you have to get off of that diet if you want to lose weight.

And this is also going to reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

VP’s new diet also has a number more vitamins than the traditional diet.

These vitamins are known to reduce the risk of breast cancer, and the vitamin A is also known to decrease the risk for breast cancer.

VP states that you should be on a BIE diet for at least a year, or even longer, because this is going to provide all the nutrients you need for your body.

VP concludes that this diet is going be very good for your health.

And he says that you really have to keep in mind that this is not a diet for the faint of heart.

You should be eating a lot and drinking a lot.

You don’t want to be a little sedentary.

And you want all of this to happen in a natural way.

VP finishes his talk by talking about how you can take the BIBO diet, but add in other vitamins and other minerals to make it a more balanced diet.

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