Why I’ve Been on a Binge of NBA TV

A Binge is when I spend an hour a day watching the NBA, and then a few days later, binge-watch it again.

You know, for reasons other than just watching.

This past week, I’ve been binge-watching the NBA season. 

Last season, the NBA was a disaster.

The NBA season was one of the worst ever.

In a season in which the league had a terrible season, it was one that featured the most atrocious teams in the history of the NBA. 

In this year’s NBA, the Lakers and Rockets are both among the top ten teams in terms of wins and losses, respectively.

Both teams are very young, with both young stars in Pau Gasol and Steve Nash.

Both are also in the prime of their careers. 

The Lakers are a very good team. 

They are also a team with a lot of talent.

The team has an incredible offense, and a deep bench with three of the best players in the NBA (Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Pau Gasole). 

The Rockets are another team with an incredible team, but the defense is atrocious.

The Rockets also have a very young core, with the exception of Dwight Howard. 

I’ve watched every NBA game, and I’ve watched each of the Lakers games.

In each of those games, the Rockets defense was horrible. 

When the Rockets play a bad team, they are almost always able to score.

The Lakers are awful defensively. 

Both teams have some really good players, but they have a lot to work on in terms, of having an efficient offense and being able to win games.

The only way for the Lakers to be a very, very good basketball team is for them to get better offensively. 

You can see why this season has been so bad for the NBA this season.

The Cavaliers and Raptors have been two of the most impressive teams in NBA history. 

However, in their two games against the Lakers, both teams struggled to score on offense. 

Their first game, the Cavaliers beat the Lakers by 12 points. 

That’s impressive.

The second game, however, was even more impressive. 

For the second game in a row, the Raptors shot a miserable 3-of-15 from the field. 

It’s the third time in five games that they’ve shot worse than 3-for-15. 

And that’s just against the Cavaliers. 

This is why the NBA is in such bad shape. 

Even though the Lakers are very good defensively, the Cavs have been playing a lot better than they have. 

Now, the Warriors have an even better team, and are playing a better defense than they did last year. 

So, it’s not like the Lakers have a great offense and are an awful defense. 

But it is possible that, if the Cavs and Warriors play the same style of basketball, then the Lakers will have a better shot at being able, against those teams, at being a very bad team.

That is why, for this year, I have been watching the season with a Bias Viewer. 

There’s a good reason for that.

Bias Views are not just a gimmick, but a feature of the Google Android Beta. 

Google beta testers are able to look at a game, play it, and watch it without having to download an app.

They can even watch a game without actually buying the game. 

Bias Views allow Google Beta testers to watch NBA games without downloading an app, without having an app installed on their phone, and without having their phone screen turned off. 

If the Cavs play a great team and the Warriors play a very mediocre team, you can see how that would play out. 

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the games that have shown the NBA has a problem with Bias views. 

Let’s start with the Celtics. 

Boston was a terrible team this season, and it had to play on Thursday nights. 

Thursday nights are when teams have to win at least three games in order to qualify for the playoffs. 

Unfortunately, the Celtics lost all three games against opponents that had a winning record. 

On Thursday nights, the games were played against teams that had an overall record of 40-31, including the Celtics last two games. 

Against the Cavs, the game was played on Thursday night. 

Then, on Friday night, the Boston Celtics played a terrible game against the Cavs. 

After being up 21 points, Boston trailed by as many as 24 in the second half. 

A lot of the Celtics players were having a bad night.

The Celtics players struggled to defend, and the Cavs had the ball in their hands in the paint. 

Not only did the Cavs lose, but their starters were out for the entire fourth quarter. 

Cleveland is a very talented team.

They have a terrific bench. Yet

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