Why you should buy the latest iPad for £149: Apple’s iPad Mini is better than the competition

Now Playing: This is how to buy a new iPhone 6s from Apple in just six easy steps, and how to get your phone repaired or replaced at the Apple Store in six easy moves source BBC News UK title iPhone 6 Plus review: What you need to know about the latest iPhone model from Apple, and its battery life, performance and price range article Now You can now buy an iPhone 6 from Apple for £499 from Apple stores.

The device is now available in two different models: the smaller iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 plus.

You can also buy the smaller model, which comes in at £349.

The iPhone 6 model is only available from the Apple store for the time being, with the larger model available on all three major US carriers.

Apple also has two versions of the iPhone 6: the 8.7-inch model, sold at £449, and the 13-inch version, sold for £799.

There’s also a 16GB version, priced at £849, but Apple is also offering a $1,199 64GB model, available from all three US carriers starting at $1.2999.

The latest Apple devices have been available in Apple stores for a few weeks now, but it is the new iPad Mini that has become the most popular.

It’s a 5.8-inch tablet that measures just 6.8mm thick, weighs 1.83kg, and has a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.1, an IR blaster, a headphone jack, a 5MP rear camera, and a 12MP front camera.

Apple has said that the tablet will be the most affordable version of its iPad line.

The tablet is also the first iPad to come with Apple’s AirPods headphones and speaker, which the company said will improve the sound quality of your music listening experience.

The iPad mini has been available from Apple since the beginning of January, and now it is officially the most successful Apple device ever.

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