Why the world of gaming isn’t as big as we thought it was

A major gaming company is hoping its latest game, a beta version of Minecraft, will spark a resurgence of interest in the medium.

The developer has released the game in a beta stage, with an anticipated release to the public on May 31.

It is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It will be made available to all of the major consoles, including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Minecraft: The First 100 Days was the first big-budget title to launch on Windows.

It has since sold over a million copies, and is the fastest-selling game of all time.

It was developed by Mojang, a company that was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.

In a blog post, Mojang said the game’s popularity has led to a surge in interest in Minecraft, which is now available on more platforms than ever before.

It said that “the new wave of Minecraft players is just the tip of the iceberg” and that the game will be played “in every corner of the globe”.

Mojang also announced that it will open an account with the US Department of State to give it access to the latest information on international internet access.

The game has already become the most downloaded game on Steam, and Mojang is now looking to boost that number by adding in more content, more items and more players.

It also plans to make the game more accessible for the visually impaired.

“We are now in the stage of planning the next major update that will make Minecraft a truly universal platform, allowing Minecraft players to play and explore anywhere on earth, anytime and anywhere at any time,” the company wrote.

“While the initial launch of the game on Windows was disappointing, Minecraft has quickly become one of the most-played games on Steam.

As Minecraft continues to grow, we look forward to continuing to make this game even better.”

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