New beta releases for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

The beta releases are starting to roll out on the new consoles, Xbox and PC.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can grab the PS4 Beta 1.0 beta from the PlayStation Store and the Xbox One Beta 1 .1 beta from Microsoft.

Both consoles are expected to launch sometime later this year.

PS4 beta 1.1 has already been downloaded more than 4 million times.

PS3 beta 1 .0 is still available for download from the PS Store.

Both console versions are set to arrive in stores on August 29.

PS Vita beta 1 is available now on PlayStation Store.

A free PS Vita bundle is also available from PlayStation Store for users with an existing PlayStation Plus subscription.

PSN beta 1 has also been downloaded 1.6 million times, and a free PSN bundle has been available for users to download since last week.

Nintendo Switch beta 1 , which was released on the console on August 21, is now available on the Nintendo eShop for $4.99.

The Nintendo Switch bundle has also received over 1.7 million downloads.

Nintendo’s Switch game system has received the most positive reviews from critics and players, and has garnered over 80% on Metacritic.

PSVR beta 1 was released in September 2017 and is available on PSN for $19.99 with an Xbox One and Steam key.

The PSVR has received positive reviews and has received high scores from reviewers.

PS Plus and other offers have also been available to PS4 owners.

Nintendo recently added PS4 support to Steam and the PlayStation app for PC.

Both Xbox One console and PC versions of the game are currently being offered for $49.99 and $49 for the PS Vita version.

PSVita is also being offered on PS Store for $7.99, but the app is currently in a beta state.

Microsoft has released a beta version of Xbox One with Kinect support for PC users, with a PC beta coming in early 2018.

PlayStation and Xbox developers are also working on PC games.

Nintendo is also working with Sony and Nintendo to make a PC version of the next Nintendo Switch console.

The beta for the Xbox Live service is now live, allowing players to log in with their PSN ID and login with their Microsoft account.

Xbox Live users can also log in via and select “Sign In to Xbox Live” from the console.

PlayStation has also launched a beta for PlayStation Plus, allowing people to use their Microsoft accounts to access games and services from the service.

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